See Welcome Page News for updates on Meeting dates and Event Details. (Please note: The monthly club calendar is being revised since the web site crash.)

Scheduled meetings are generally the second Tuesday of the selected months.

January- The Holiday Winter Gathering Awards dinner.

February – Due to the Westminster dog show, there is no meeting in February unless the match is moved to February and we require an organizational meeting.

March- Monthly meeting 2nd Tuesday of the month.

April -No meeting in April due to the Potomac Specialty

May – Monthly meeting 2nd Tuesday of the month.

June – Meeting 2nd Tuesday of the month.

July – Meeting 2nd Tuesday of the month. Meeting location TBA. (Often the meeting is scheduled at the fairgrounds so members may practice for the club’s Friday North Stonington Fair demonstration.)

August -The club does not traditionally hold a meeting in August.

September – Meeting 2nd Tuesday of the month. Slate of Officers presented.

October – Meeting 2nd Tuesday of the month. Annual Meeting and voting of club officers and board.

November – Meeting 2nd Tuesday of the month.

December – Due to the holidays, there is no meeting this month.

Most scheduled meetings at held at the Wheeler Public Library, Main Street, North Stonington.

PLEASE NOTE: Meetings may be canceled at the discretion of the board. Meeting notice emails will be sent to advise membership meeting dates and of any changes of meeting status.  If there is notification from members to either the President or Corresponding Secretary that there will not be a quorum for a meeting or for reasons of weather, a notice will also be sent out to the membership stating so.

Event months.

March or February – Winter Match

May- Supported Entry- Windham County K.C.

April- Supported Entry South County K. C.

June- Tentative supported entry – New England Sporting

July -North Stonington Fair Demonstration 2nd Friday of July.                                Supported entry Providence County K. C.

September – Back-to-Back Specialties

October- Traditionally Working Certificate hunt test.