PRLRC Specialty COVID Safety Rules

PRLRC  -Specialty -COVID 19-Safety Rules


The Pawcatuck River Labrador Retriever Club would like to thank you for attending our 2020 Back-to-Back specialty show.  Below are the guidelines and rules we want you to follow in an attempt to keep us all safe during this trying time.  We all realize there is no clear answer to many situations to do with this virus, but we are going to do our part to maintain a safe environment for us all so that we may enjoy what we love most, a dog show.

These rules and procedures are stated below, and have been developed with you our exhibitors’, our judges’, and club members’ safety in mind.

Exhibitors may bring their chairs to ring side, but must maintain social distancing between their chairs (recommended 6 ft.) and from their chairs forward to the rings. There will be a 6 ft. marking on the ground from the rings, where you may set up your chairs for viewing the judging. Household members are free to sit together. Group gatherings or congregating groups are permitted while wearing a mask.  Maintain a safe distance of  6 ft.  or more if not wearing a mask.

All persons entering any of the show grounds must have a mask available for use when appropriate.

Exhibitors may be required to have their temperatures taken prior to parking their vehicles. Masks are required when you are unable to maintain appropriate social distances such as under the show tents, sales/catalog area, and in exhibitor “holding areas” and when appropriate, gloves.  Specifically masks will be required while the judge is examining your dog. Please use good judgment and think of others, and their concerns.”

  • Only the rings stewards will have access to the ringside catalogs and armbands. To facilitate this process, please know what armband numbers you need before you get to the ring stewards. You will NOT have access to the ring catalog. Maintain a reasonable distance from the judges’ table and the person in front of you when securing your armband.
  • Stewards and judges will wear masks (so train your dogs to expect a person in a mask) and judges will have hand sanitizer available between each examination.
  • The show rings have been enlarged to allow for extra spacing between dogs and their handlers while in the ring. Exhibits will line up outside the ring maintaining social distancing and exhibits will be called into the ring, as each judge deems appropriate. The judge will direct you as to how to prepare your dog for exam.  Follow the judge’s directions.  When gaiting with other exhibits, maintain a distance between exhibits.  After placements are made, please leave the ring. If you are in a large class that may be judged in stages, wait in the holding area and keep your distance. If your exhibit is not going forward in the judging of that class, please leave the ring area.  The judge or steward will direct those who will remain to the ring, and call those back into the ring who are in the roped off  “holding area”. Only dogs waiting to go into the ring will be allowed in this holding area under the Breed tent.  For Winners Dog, and Winners Bitch, please spread out as far as possible. There will be 6 ft markings on the ring grass. Please take advantage of them. These classes may also be judged in increments to allow for distancing.   In Best of Breed, the exhibits will be checked in by the judge and then the steward will inform the exhibitors as to where they are to wait for their exhibits to be examined in BOB judging.
  • When attending Rally and Obedience events, masks are required, and gloves are recommended. The Judge and Stewards will be wearing masks and gloves. There may be additional rules specific to the classes, which the steward will brief you on when you pick up your armband.  The judge has the final say on how he or she would like to run each class.

The above rules are our attempt to have a fun event and yet still maintain a level of safety for all who attend.  There will be committee members circulating to ensure that everyone understands the rules and to answer questions.  We ask that you honor any request made of you. Thank you for coming to our show. We look forward to enjoying the club’s 16thspecialty!




Additional Precautions and information:

For Rally and Obedience Ring:

Armbands may be retrieved on designated table and will be set up and labeled by class.  Only ring stewards will have access to award ribbons, trophies, armbands and catalog.

In the Obedience ring; Stanchions or traffic cones will be used instead of stewards for exercises that require that equipment.  Stewards will sanitize their hands or use gloves after handling ring equipment, armbands, and awards.  Stewards will leave ribbons/trophies on separate table to be picked up by exhibitor.

Breed Rings:

Each ring will have an IN entrance for exhibitors entering their class, and an Out for exiting the classes.  1stthru 4thAward Ribbons and trophies will be laid on a table by the ring steward and will be located by the Exit. Exhibitors will pick up their own awards as the exit the ring after the judge marks their judges’ book.

There will be a 6’ aisle between the two breed rings. The two rings will be opened up to become one for Best of Breed.

No memorial or challenge trophies will be displayed this year. If you are the recipient of one of these prizes, please fill out the form provided with your name and other required information and leave the form with the steward. This is so your dog’s name may be added to the trophy label.