Officers, Directors and Committees

The Chiefs

President: Claire White-Peterson
Vice-President: Cathy Straub Benedict
Recording Secretary: Rich Willner, DVM
Corresponding Secretary: Jack Gordon
Treasurer: Julie Quigley-Smith
Board Member: Donna Kenny
Board Member: Lori Riley


Standing Committees:

Education & Program Committee: Rich Wilner, DVM, Wendy Ernst, DVM, Donna Kenny,

Publicity Committee: Janet Huntley, Lori Riley, Wendy Ernst,  Claire White-Peterson

Newsletter/Editor: Donna Crompton

Web Co-ordinator: Catherine Mason, Claire White-Peterson

Membership Chairman & Members Sunshine: Shirley Cardello

Trophy Committee: Lori Riley, Cathy Benedict, & Claire White-Peterson

Challenge & Memorial Trophy Award: Chair: Gillian Millsom

Labrador Fun Day Chairman/Organizer: TBA

Supported Entry Show Co-ordinator: Claire White-Peterson

Back To Back Specialty: Jack Gordon, Show Chairman, Show Event Coordinator: Lori Riley

Obedience/Rally Co-ordinator: Gayle Abrams Committee: Donna Crompton, Rich & Deb Willner, Shirley Cardello

Live Flyer Day: TBA

Working Certificate Chairman: Julie Jussaume,  Assistant: Robin & Tom Hoagland,

Summer Field Training (CT): Audrey & Peter Wolcott

Conformation Certificate: TBA

Judges Education: Dr. Michael Woods, Claire White-Peterson, Cheryl Curtis

Raffle Committee Chair: Debra Willner. Committee: Joan Hendricks, Julie Kamis

Club Achievement Awards: Shirley Cardello

Legislative Liaison: Deb Scott (RI) Tony Emilio (CT)

Health News: Wendy Ernst, DVM and Rich Willner, DVM

Holiday Party: Jack Gordon

Specialty Dinner : Beth Volle and committee

Decoratiing Committee: Margot Marston,  Gillian Millsom, John/Sue Barrett

Hospitality: All Members

Product Committee Chair: Chair, Beth Volle.

Judges Workshop: Beth Volle and Claire White-Peterson