Litter Listing

Members-Requirements for Litter Listing

 PRLRC MEMBER’S Benefits- Litter/Adult Dog Listings:

The Pawcatuck River Labrador Retriever Club offers it’s members the opportunity to list their upcoming litters on the club web site. This site is accessed by hundreds of prospective puppy owners per week. Our members receive fantastic exposure and it is a great deal too! Proceeds from the litter listings offset many off the club’s events.

If you have pups available and would like to list them, please email the Listing Administrator at To list, please follow the guidelines of the PRLRC Code of Ethics and Listing Policy which may be found on the club web site at    If you have questions, please contact the listing administrator.

Listing Policy 
Litters and Adult Labradors may be listed on the club site as a Club Benefit for “Full” and “Associate” Members.

Volunteer members:  Members who volunteer and work for the club within the last 12 months, may list their litters or adult Labradors for $30 per litter listing. When submitting your listing, please confirm your volunteer projects/events you have worked.
All members are encouraged to volunteer for the club. For those members who have not volunteered during the past 12 months, the cost per litter is $75.
Listing checks should be submitted the same week as litter request is emailed to Listing Administration and will be posted once fee has been received by the club treasurer. 
Litter Listings are for a 3-month period only. If you wish the listing to stay up longer then that period, please contact the listing administrator.  An additional payment may be required, and should be mailed to Julie Quigley Smith on request.

Submission Info: Your listing should include DOB, Colors available,  your name, email (and phone if you wish to receive calls,) your town and state. A link to your web site may be able to be included. Listings will be posted once your check is received by the treasurer.

Health Disclosure: All appropriate documentation for those concerned (Dam/Sire/Adult) regarding the results of any health testing, and if any such examinations have not been done must be disclosed to potential buyers. (Recommended Health Evaluation Disclosure: OFA, or other for Hips, Elbows, Appropriate DNA, EYES, PRA, EIC, Heart, etc. Dilute test for sire/dam.)

Disputed litters will not be listed. The club retains the unilateral right to refuse to list any breeder whom in its opinion has not adhered to fair and reasonable breeder practices and set forth in the club’s PRLRC_Code_of_Ethics.

Sending listing info to the Listing Administrator: and Please mail checks to PRLRC Treasurer: Julie Quigley Smith, 81 Henry Case Way, Wakefield, RI 02879


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Updated: Nov/2019