Litter Listing

Members-Requirements for Litter Listing

The  Pawcatuck River Labrador Retriever Club offers it’s members
the opportunity to list their upcoming litters on the club web site at
This site is accessed by hundreds of prospective puppy owners per week.
You receive fantastic exposure and it is a great deal!
Proceeds from the litter listings offset many off the club’s events.
If you have pups available and would like to list them, please contact.

A litter listing is $25 per litter for members who fall into the “Full” membership category and who full fill the Full member requirements.  A listing for members who fall into the “Associate” membership category, and who full fill the Associate member requirements, the listing fee is $50 per litter.

Send checks to PRLRC Treasurer: Julie Quigley Smith, 81 Henry Case Way, Wakefield, RI 02879

Send an email  with the following information: Names, Town/State, Email address, Phone number, Date of Birth, colors/sex of puppies available. Please email updates as your litter is sold and when it needs to be removed from the web site so that the site may be kept current.

To be elegible to list a litter:

PRLRC Constitution & By Laws – section on membership/listing: Section 2. Membership Requirements. All members are encouraged to work at least two club events per year. All Full members must attend at least one meeting per year and be current on their dues. In addition, a Full member must hold an office, chair a major committee or be on two committees at two different events. In order to maintain an Associate, Associate Junior, Family or Supporting membership one must be current on annual dues. Associate members who work at least one event per year will have the additional privilege of listing litters on the club website. Supporting members receive the club newsletter but have no voting or listing privileges. Associate Junior members are required to attend club functions with a supervising adult. Non-members may request an electronic subscription to Pawsitively News, the club newsletter, for the cost of $15 per year.

Pay $25.00 per litter listing for Full Members. Asso. Members- $50 per litter listing.