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Book Review 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 6:26:19 AM


This past summer I took some time to peruse the variety of books outthere for breeders. After being somewhat appalled at some of the absurd and down right incorrect medical information in print, I finally found one book that was excellent!

Canine Reproduction-  The Breeder’s Guide, 2nd edition. Phyllis A. Holst, MS, DVM. 2000

 This book should really be on every breeder’s bookshelf, or better yet, out on the coffee table being read! The author provides both general overview and scientific detail which means there is somethingfor everyone. In addition to being a good general read, I think it is valuable as a reference when there is a problem. I found the content to be accurate, well presented and easy to read.

The chapters are nicely arranged in tidy topics- so you don’t really have to sit down and read cover to cover but can pick and choose individual chapters at a time. Dr. Holst covers the general biology and reproductive anatomy of the dog, reproductive hormones and the estrus cycle, breeding management (natural and artificial breeding),an overview of canine pregnancy, nutrition, whelping, pediatrics, puppies in trouble, and reproductive problems. The advice is practical,techniques are explained in detail and accompanying photos offer additional guidance.

The only shortfall in this book is the limited information on ovulation timing using progesterone levels. Given the general confusion I see among many breeders on the topic of using progesterone for ovulation timing, I was disappointed that there wasn’t more coverage of the topic. However, in every other aspect I found this book to be athorough and excellent source of pertinent information and practical advice on all aspects of breeding management. I think it would be beneficial for both the novice breeder and also those with more experience and definitely could be a lifesaver when problems arise!

Find time to read this one!

Wendy Ernst, DVM

re: Book Review

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 9:56:12 AM Huntsbrook

I have a copy of this book and thought it was very informative. A good read for breeders.

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