match guidelines for chairman

===AKC Plan B Match Guidelines ===
TO Match Chairmen,
Outline of responsibilities for Match Chairman:
Match Chairman’s responsibilities: The match is to be organized be the show chairman. There is no an assistant show chair or secretary for this type of event. Obtain AKC Match Show Regulations: Follow rule book. Match chairman is responsible for obtaining a photographer if one is needed. The Match Chair must retaining judges tear sheets/book with all the winners numbers, and entry forms with exhibitors names etc. The Judges Sheets / or book must be kept in the possession of the club. A copy may be mailed to the match judge for their records or prepare a copy sheet for judge at the event. The chairman is responsible for getting the winner's names and address and the dog's name on the judge’s sheet after the event (which will be gotten from the entry form). The winner’s name and owner info needs to be given to the Newsletter editor after the even. Contact Treasurer for cash boxes and seed money. 1. Find a location and secure date after checking online for conflicting shows, matches, other dog events. Obtain application from AKC. Contact Treasurer to obtain insurance for show site. 2. Set up your committees: Committee may consist of a Trophy/Prize? Ribbon team. (Touch base with the Trophy Committee as they may have items that could be used for the match with no additional cost to the club.) a. Entry Table team. This team along with the chairman will be responsible for preparing the entry forms, the judges books and getting the armbands (pens, pencils, rubber bands, cash boxes with seed money from Treasurer). You will also need someone to breakdown the sweepstakes money just prior to the classes. (Know that it is possible to start off with regular classes before sweepstakes that would allow for the sweeps money to be counted and put into envelopes for the winners). b. A Grounds committee may be needed at an outdoor facility as well as an indoor facility although the chairman may find that an indoor facility is set up by the Facility owner c. Hospitality: This may be arranged by the show chair or may be organized by team along with the show chair. d. Obtain ring stewards. e. Publicity: Work with Publicity Committee on getting the word out.
send notification to labrador lists
* flyers to dog shows prior to Fun Day * decide who to send announcements to * prepare notifications and distribute 3. Judges selection: Check with the Judges Selection Committee first off. They have an extensive list of prospective judge names that might be suitable for match judging. You may also canvas your committee or members at a meeting. Obtain judges contracts.
4. If a Raffle or Trash & Treasure Table is to be included, contact the Raffle Committee.
Committee Job Details: Stewards
be at ringside 30 minutes prior to start time
mark absent entries in catalog
distribute armbands to exhibitors
call classes to ring
distribute ribbons and trophies
Sweepstakes money
payment to insurance company for endorsement
payment for ribbons
cash/cashbox if having trash/treasure table & raffle
rubber bands
cash box
arm bands
poster board
hammer/staple gun
table cloths for trash/treasurer/tables ring side
PRLRC Banner
bull horn?
white board
Day of show :
setup breed
bring tables, chairs, for rings
set out trash cans
set out pooper scoopers
create signs for
hang PRLRC banner
setup food area
cleanup at end of day

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