To contact Labrador Retriever Breeders, and to view Puppy Listings for Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, please visit the club's Puppy & Adult Listings page.

Announcements ...
Winter Match- March 8th, details coming.. 

Holiday Awards Dinner, Cooked Goose, Westerly, Rhode Island - Sunday, January 18, at 4 p.m. contact Jack Gordon for reservations. Jack's JACKRI04@aol.com


It is gift giving time again, the

PRLRC Cookbook and matching hand/dish towels will make any cook or Labrador lover, happy!

    Cooks Ahoy Cover

   Hot off the press, we are proud to announce, "Cooks Ahoy, Welcome Aboard" Cookbook!

                                                       To Order click here

In a hurry to get your copy? Contact Beth at riverdancelabs@aol.com

The club wishes to thank Beth Volle for heading up this endeavor. Without Beth's expertise in merchandizing, and our very own, Kathy Cipriani's professional editing, the book would not have been such a success. Thank you both!


Specialty 2013:

If you would like to purchase candid shots taken by Rob Gerrity at our Specialties - check these out. They are great!


and for images by Jeremy Kezer of the club's Working Certificate - visit Jeremy's site here.

PRLRC WC Photos by Jeremy Kezer- link above.

See the club's Facebook page for updates


The Catolog has been added to the site so everyone may view various club clothing
and the new Etched Glassware and other items that will be available at club events.
If you would like to purchase an item, please contact Janet Huntley.


Old News:

The PRLRC Winter Match, 3/10/13, Warwick, RI. Click *HERE  for match results. Photos by Joan Hendricks may be viewed on club Facebook pg.   

To purchase photos of PRLRC WC, 10/7/12 - WC/PeeWee stakes, email  Carol Stevens

~~~~~ Welcome to the Pawcatuck River Labrador Retriever Club web site! ~~~~~      

Minnow "Minnow" 

We hope to introduce you to our versatile breed within these pages. 

~~~ Originally our breed was described as a  "water dog", and subsequently used for retrieving felled water and upland game birds for the hunter.The Labrador today retains the same qualities of yesterday but also has become the countries favorite companion “family” dog. Whether you are looking for a pet for your family or a hunting partner, Labradors are the perfect choice.

For more information on our wonderful breed click here


           Above: 2007 PRLRC Working Certificate Test, Photo by Jeremy Kezer of Yarborough Sweet Woodruff -"Gwendolyn". Check out that tail action!

Yearly Events 

Nose out the news

Visit our Calendar of Events to Nose out what we are planning this year! 


Summer Field Training Sessions

For More information about dates and times, to train in Colchester, please contact Audrey Wolcott at ahw@99main.com. Susan Barrett has also offered to allow members to train at her farm in Charlestown, RI.  Susan's email is suebarrett12@gmail.com.


Our Members and Their Dogs Participate in all Types Activities

The members of the Pawcatuck River Labrador Retriever Club participate in all types of American Kennel Club events which include Conformation showing, Obedience, Rally Obedience trials,  Agility, Tracking and Hunt Tests. We also have several members who use their dogs for Therapy work.

Child With Puppy


Working Certificate- Nancy and George Julie with pups

"Laura & Teal"
Photo: Claire White-Peterson
(L)Julie Quigley Smith with her pups. (R) George Amenabar & Mandy with line steward, Nancy Wolston, at 07 WC     Photos: Westerly Sun(l)       (r)Jeremey Kezer

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